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4. Web Application Security Testing

Information Gathering

Conduct search engine discovery/reconnaissance for information leakage (OTG-INFO-001)

There are direct and indirect elements to search engine discovery and reconnaissance. Direct methods relate to searching the indexes and the associated content from caches. Indirect methods relate to gleaning sensitive design and configuration information by searching forums, newsgroups, and tendering websites.

Once a search engine robot has completed crawling, it commences indexing the web page based on tags and associated attributes, such as <TITLE>, in order to return the relevant search results [1]. If the robots. txt file is not updated during the lifetime of the web site, and inline HTML meta tags that instruct robots not to index content have not been used, then it is possible for indexes to contain web content not intended to be included in by the owners. Website owners may use the previously mentioned robots.txt, HTML meta tags, authentication, and tools provided by search engines to remove such content.

Configuration and Deploy Management Testing

Identity Management Testing

Authentication Testing

Authorization Testing

Session Management Testing

Input Validation Testing

Error Handling


Business Logic Testing

Client Side Testing