Performance Timeline Test

1. このページの目的

Performance Timeline API を試す。

2. Performance Timeline とは?

The Performance Timeline API defines extensions to the Performance interface to support client-side latency measurements within applications. The extensions provide interfaces to retrieve performance entry metrics based on specific filter criteria. The standard also includes interfaces that allow an application to define performance observer callbacks that are notified when specific performance events are added to the browser's performance timeline.

(引用元:Performance Timeline - Web APIs | MDN)

3. Performance Timeline の基礎知識

performance metric の種類 (entryType)

詳細:PerformanceEntry.entryType - Web APIs | MDN

performance.measure() メソッド

4. Performance Timeline API を使ってみる

Using Performance Timeline - Web APIs | MDN にあるコードを試す。


5. メモ

performace のメソッドを何も実行せずに getEntries() で得られるエントリー